Oil-free cooling lubricants (oil- & mineral oil free)

Future-oriented lubricant technology, employee & environmental protection

Every year, about 700,000 m³ of mineral oil-based cooling lubricants are disposed of / incinerated and the resulting gases lead to an alarming high climate and environmental impact. With our oil-free cooling lubricants, you can produce employee-friendly and environmentally friendly already today.

Improve the performance of your tools through process reliability, increased stability, excellent lubrication properties and optimal cooling. Our cooling lubricant is a mineral oil-free high-tech lubricant that combines the positive properties of water and oil. Get strategic benefits with this new technology.

  • Differences compared to oily emulsions

    • No emulsifiers necessary
    • Set with deionized water
    • Defoaming by additive
    • Fat-free surfaces
    • Real alkaline solution
    • High cleaning and penetration capacity
    • Relatively insensitive to microbial colonization
    • Very rare biofilm formation
    • Extremely easy to filter through fine filters
    • Condensation load must be observed
  • Significant cost reduction

    • Easy handling
    • Extremely long tool life (at least 5 years)
    • No bioaccumulation
    • Reduction of change intervals
    • Reduction of disposal costs
    • Lowering costs caused by additional products
    • Low concentrate consumption
  • Advantages for the tools

    • Increasing tool life
    • Reduction of set-up times
    • Reduction of cleaning times
    • No fire and explosion hazard
    • Cost savings on insurances
    • Price stability and guaranteed availability
  • Working environment and ecology

    • Environmentally friendly
    • Improved room climate
    • No oil mist (no health burden)
    • Clean workplace / Clean factory halls
    • Contains no solvents
    • Free of synthetic and / or mineral oils
    • Contains no volatile hydrocarbons

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